Tarita Aurora


I’m a lover of all sorts of creatures, mediums and vibrations.

From doodling, tattooing, makeup artistry, painting, photography, sculpture, art-directing and jewellery-making, I spice up every single object and try my best at everything. To me, what seems like trash to most are objects waiting to be turned into a soul treasure.

I live for moments where I become extremely transfixed with an idea or a project with all my heart, soul, mind and body, that it it becomes a part of me.

I'm a third-culture kid. Born in Indonesia and raised in Sydney, Australia. All my life I've travelled between the two countries as well as the USA every year since I was 10 yrs old.

I have based myself in Jakarta, Indonesia for the time being, dedicating my time in creating and launching my feathered tribal-inspired jewelry line Shamanistic, as well as cultivating a future opening for a tattoo studio.

I have tattooed for 7 years, trained in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay, Australia. I'm a certified member of Indonesian SubCulture, the local Indonesian Tattoo and Body Art Association.

I am also a certified Make Up Artist, trained at Technology of Art and MakeUp (formerly known as 3Arts Makeup Center) in Sydney, Australia. I specialize in basic SFX, wig-making, theatre and high-fashion.

I don't limit myself to any genre, I embrace all forms of creative force and limitless energy, with concepts and ideas which knows no boundary.


  • make-up artistry
  • theatre
  • special fx
  • tattoo
  • jewelry
  • traditional mediums
  • illustration
  • film photography
  • digital photography
  • ceramics


  • Lightroom 3
  • 35mm Photography
  • Canon DSLR's
  • Beauty Make-up
  • Theatre Makeup
  • Basic Special FX Makeup
  • Custom Jewelry Orders
  • Fire Dancing
  • Original hand-sketch tattoo designs/artwork